I PLAN is a Founding Member of EVLHA

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I PLAN is a Founding Member of EVLHA

I PLAN, LLC is a founding member of EVLHA (East Valley Luxury Home Association) an exclusive group in the Phoenix East Valley.

The East Valley Luxury Home Association (EVLHA, prounounced “EV-Luh”) was formed in 2015 by 6 leading companies, with the goal of consolidating a group of the finest Architectural Design, Builder and Trade Companies in the South East Valley (Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Awhatukee, and beyond)

In today’s market, innocent clients are often misled to entrusting their dream home’s construction to unestablished, inexperienced businesses. Many have little design aptitude, training or experience. Others are financially unstable, or ill-equipped to meet the quality demands and timetables on a large scale luxury home. They can affect the quality and results of your dream home, and create unexpected delays and costs.

EVLHA is a fantastic group of professionals we are proud to be associated with.

For more information, visit the EVLHA website: http://www.evlha.org